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Not only can we advise, recommend, supply and service your tyre needs but we can also take care of your shocks, batteries, brakes, wiper blades and mag wheels requirements.

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Shock absorbers have many uses. They absorb the shock of impacts, helping ensure your safety. They also ensure the permanent contact of your tyres to the road, providing greater driving comfort. Defective shock absorbers are a safety risk and can cause costly damage to your entire vehicle.

They can increase the risk of aquaplaning and can cause uneven tyre wear. Defective shock absorbers also impair the function of ABS (anti-lock braking system) and ESP (Electronic Stability Program). Shock absorbers should therefore be checked regularly, every 35,000 kilometers.

Faulty shocks cause the following symptoms:

  • Steering wheel vibration
  • Bald patches on tyres
  • Car Nose-Dives when Braking
  • Car Veers Excessively in wind
  • Car does not hug road on bends
  • Oil seeps from your shocks
  • Excessive Bounce on Rough Surfaces
  • Dented or damaged shock housings

At Point S Multi Tyres we stock various shocks brands like Gabriel, Monroe and KYB


The braking system is arguably the most important safety system in all vehicles. Therefore it is important to check your brake system regularly!

The wear of the brakes does not happen very quickly, but usually develops over a longer period of time causing a greater braking distance or the vehicle pulling to one side when braking. At Point S Multi Tyre we stock various brake brands like Ferodo, Bosch and ATE


Motorcar batteries store electrical energy, most of which is used to start the engine. We may take batteries for granted everyday, but that usually changes when the battery is dead and the car won’t start.

Most batteries these days are maintenance free and fully sealed, meaning you can simply fit them, and forget about them. At Point S Multi Tyres, we stock a variety of batteries like Willard, Energizer, Bosch and our own in-house brand made by one of the leading manufacturers in Europe


On the sidewall of the tyre is a wealth of information about the tyre. Everything from it’s size, to its ratings in relation to speed and loading capabilities, even its manufacturing date. In order to read the size however, we need to look for three sets of numbers: