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For optimal performance for your vehicle, longevity and a quick start-up, it is essential that your vehicles engine be regularly examined and serviced. A typical service involves, among other things, replacing the spark plugs, verifying your ignition along with cleaning the fuel injectors as well as changing the oil along with various filters like oil filters, fuel filters and air filters. The oil change should be conducted at regular intervals; between 4,800 and 12,000 km depending on your particular vehicle and the manufacturers prescribed guidelines. 

A regular oil change and minor services will ensure:

Prevention of premature wear and tear of engine parts and components; Detection of certain potential irregularities Better and more consistent engine performance, with reduced misfires; Greater acceleration power; Reduced fuel consumption; Less pollution.
A safer drive

Signs that may mean that your vehicle is due for a tune up include:
Increased vehicle fuel consumption; The check engine light illuminates on the dashboard; The engine has a loss in performance or runs irregularly.

At Point S Multi Tyres we recommend that you use high grade products that respect the manufacturers standards.

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