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The De Rouwe family came from the Nederland in the late 50s and started in the tyre industry in the early 60s. In 1970 they opened the first tyre dealership in Boksburg, Multi Tyre Service and continues to service the Boksburg community. 

Point S is positioned as a tyre and car maintenance expert. The brand mission of Point S is to always be on the consumers side. As a forty-five year old independent tyre dealer network, it’s an expert that knows its clients well and can advise them on the most adequate solution depending upon their driving style and vehicle. The Point S commitment is selling products and services that offers the best value for money, and the right solution for the right driver. Point S can be described as experts, transparent and reliable.

Our Services & Offers


Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is important for the life of your tyres and the health of your vehicle. Alignment consists of adjusting the direction and angles and even the position of the wheels.


Wheel Balancing

A vibration on your steering wheel could be a sign that your wheels are not balanced correctly.



In case one of your tyres picks up a puncture, we offer a tyre repair service to keep you going. 



Reduced corrosion – because unlike air there is no moisture in pure nitrogen.



We perform a number of general suspension fitments for most cars.



When the coolant gas levels are low, the optimal levels of comfort become affected and even increase the risk of major air conditioning system damage.



For optimal performance for your vehicle, longevity and a quick start-up, it is essential that your vehicles engine be regularly examined and serviced.



Multi Tyre is equipped with state of the art Bosch Diagnostic Software, that allows us to communicate directly with your vehicle’s computer for the finding of faults and resetting of errors.

  • Tyres
  • Car accessories
  • Breakdown services
  • Diagnostics
  • Service & Oil

We are tyre specialists that offer so much more. Not only can we advise, recommend, supply and service your tyre needs but we can also take care of your shocks, batteries, brakes, wiper blades and mag wheels requirements.

We’re a family owned business. Years of knowledge is passed down to each new generation, creating exceptionally experienced individuals. 

No Stress With Point S – Multi Tyre Services!

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We stock many different brands like: BushWacker, Front Runner, Safari Snorkel, Pedders Brakes & Suspension, etc.

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